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    Jeremy McDonald

    VP Branch Manager
    NMLS# 1195266

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    The McDonald Mortgage Team Offers Cash Buyer Program To Home Buyers

    As the housing market grows more competitive, cash buyers have set the stage for a new way of winning the deal. Almost 25% of buyers are purchasing homes entirely in cash and home buyers relying on financing are left at a disadvantage. That’s why The McDonald Mortgage Team, a mortgage broker team in Florida and Georgia, is introducing a new cash buyer program, Heroes Cash Backed Program, putting the power of homeownership back into the hands of your traditional home buyer. 

    “Giving borrowers the tools and resources they need to compete in this competitive market is what matters to us,” says Jeremy McDonald, VP and Branch Manager of The McDonald Mortgage Team. “Making sure that everyone, especially those in under-resourced communities, has the opportunity to create a better financial future for themselves is what drives our mission.” 

    Through the Cash Backed program, we will help many more consumers to buy homes that were previously unable to due to contingency to sell, Cash Backed Program is a game-changer.

    The Cash Backed Program is available to borrowers in FL and GA.

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