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    Jeremy McDonald

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    Fix & Flip Loans

    Get the financing you need for your fix & flip and fix & hold properties

    Our Fix & Flip loans allow investors to acquire and/or renovate multiple properties up to an approved exposure limit (based on Individual & Business approval).

    Key Facts About Our Fix & Flip Loans

    • NO prior experience required
    • No-fee alternative valuation option now available (for eligible properties)
    • Extensive rehab financing available (budgets > 50% of total costs)
    • Individual and Business approval for exposure limits up to $10MM with individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM
    • Financing for up 100% of renovation expenses, 95% LTC max, and 75% ARV LTV max
    • Optional interest reserves
    • Soft Costs included in financing (contractor’s fees, contingency fees, permits, surveys, etc.)
    • Foreign Nationals eligible
    Fix & Flip Exposure Limit Loan
    LOAN PURPOSERehab loan for non-owner occupied residential investment property
    INTEREST RATEAs low as 6.75%, varies per individual property loan
    LOAN AMOUNT$50K – $3MM
    TERM12 months standard,
    18 month option available (subject to loan level pricing adjustment)
    BORROWER TYPEIndividual or Entity
    MINIMUM EXPERIENCENO prior experience required
    MAXIMUM LOAN-TO-VALUE (LTV)Standard Rehab up to 75% After Repair Value (ARV) LTV / Extensive Rehab up to 70% ARV LTV
    Standard Rehab max 95% / Extensive Rehab max 85%
    WHEN DO WE USE LTV VS LTC?Generally, we use the lesser of LTV or LTC calculation
    REHAB/CONSTRUCTION FINANCINGFunding up to 100% rehab budget up to % Approved LTV of Total Costs
    • Not allowed from ineligible country list
    • Limited to: 85% LTC / 70% ARV LTV max
    PROPERTY TYPESNon-Owner Occupied:

    • Attached or detached SFR
    • 2-4 unit properties
    • Multi-family 5-20 unit properties
    • Mixed-use
    • Condos


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