• Jeremy McDonald

    Jeremy McDonald

    Broker & Branch Manager
    NMLS# 1195266

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    The McDonald Mortgage Team’s DSCR loan that’s perfect for investors looking to expand their real estate portfolio. It allows borrowers to use the market rent of the property to qualify, rather than their current income.

    • 640+ FICO
    • Up to 85% LTV
    • Available on investment properties only
    • Finance up to 20 properties
    • Loan amounts up to $2M
    • Appraisals from two different appraisers required for loans over $1.5M
    • Minimum 12-months reserves required
    • Minimum 2 months consecutive bank statements required
    • Not applicable in West Virginia or for Texas 50(a)(6)
    • Close in a LLC
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    Jeremy McDonald

    7751 Belfort Parkway Suite 180
    Jacksonville, Florida 32256
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    NMLS# 1195266
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