We offer multiple Down Payment Assistance Programs such as:

Florida Housing FHA and Conventional Programs

  • Available for the properties in the State of Florida
  • FHA or Fannie Mae Conventional 30 Year Fixed Options available
  • Multiple closing cost and down payment and assistance available (may only use one)

o    Florida Housing Assist which offers up to $10,000 as a 0%, non-amortizing, non-forgivable deferred second mortgage (available with FHA and Conventional)

o    Florida Housing HLP Second Mortgage which offers $10,000 as a 3% fully-amortizing, second mortgage with a 15 year term with a monthly payment applies (available with FHA and Conventional)

o    Florida Housing TBA HFA Preferred Plus Second Mortgage which offers a loan amount of 3%, 4% or 5% in a forgivable second mortgage that is forgiven at 20% a year over its 5-year (available with Conventional only)

  • Minimum Credit Score of 640
  • First time homebuyer only
  • Home Education Required
  • Automated Approval Required
  • Income/Purchase Price limits apply
  • Florida Hometown Heroes

100% Forgivable Grant

If you meet ANY SINGLE criteria below you are eligible:

  1. If you’re a first time homebuyer, you’re eligible, if not go to #2
  2. If you volunteer or work for/as (even if it’s as a janitor) for any of the industries below, you’re eligible, if not go to #3
    1. Healthcare, education (private or public), municipal, state or federal agency, non-profit, law enforcement, public safety, civil servant, military, etc, OR
    2. Retired (from any institution/line of work)
  3. If you make less than 140% of the Area Median Income, they’re eligible, if not go to #4
  4. If the home is in an underserved census tract, you’re eligible


Program Features:

  • 100% Forgivable DPA/Grant program, no repayment required, no lien created
  • No resale/refinance/deed restrictions
  • Seller concessions allowed up to 6%


Program Requirements:

  • 2% or 3.5% down payment assistance available
  • Can be combined with up to 6% seller concession
  • FHA 30 year fixed rate mortgage only
  • 1-2 unit primary residence only, Manufactured homes OK (single, double and triple wide ok), and MH Condo projects, FHA HRAP approved condos, Planned Unit Developments
  • Must receive electronic underwriting approval
  • 620 + FICO
  • Max DTI 48.99
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